How This E-Sport Contest App Revolutionized Rock-Paper-Scissors

An interview with the founder of the crypto-based ZoyaNinja.

Eszter Brhlik


What if you could play rock-paper-scissors online with 50 people?

ZoyaNinja, a crypto-based e-sport contest app aims to make this possible. The beta version of the game is already available to the general public and those who are interested can try it out.

If you’re already into crypto, enjoy trying out novelties, and, on top of it, burn for online contests, ZoyaNinja is something for you.

Behind the idea, there’s a dedicated team of Hungarian programmers who have been delivering a wide range of products ranging from mobile apps, and web pages for AA groups, through the webshop of luxury watches to cloud-based temperature registration service for pharmacies.

This time, they decided to enter the intersection of e-sport and crypto in the form of a garage project. To get more insight into the app and the story behind it, I interviewed Alex Spooner, the founder of ZoyaNinja.

How did it all start?

“I’ve always been interested in games. I love board games, card games, and online games.

Back when Flash was a thing, I programmed some simple logic games for it, but they were only for my entertainment. The idea for Zoya had been in my head for a while, and last year the team and I decided to make it happen.

At first, I had an even simpler idea that I thought would require a certain amount of stratagem and crowd psychology, but the rest of the team voted it down because it would have been too little of a game experience and most players would have seen it as more of a gamble, so we chose the rock-paper-scissors game.”

Why rock-paper-scissors?

“Well, we chose it because it’s simple and everyone knows it.

So you don’t have to explain the basic rules to anyone, and we were able to come up with extra rules that allow any number of people to play at the same time.

Also because it is a strategy game, and while in the original version, for example, you can base your initial strategy on your opponent’s…