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Books don’t only shape our present. They’ve always been pushing society forward.

If you crave to understand how the big milestones in history happened, read about influential books of the past. Whether it’s about politics, feminism, economics, or physics, the books of the old times can show you how people…

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Everybody craved to belong to the cool kids at school. They had something magical, something inaccessible that made them so attractive.

Popularity was power. It meant countless invitations to the best parties, attention, and admiration by others.

Yet, popularity at high school had its price. It meant developing terrible traits…

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Most people think gender studies are full of bullshit — and I can’t blame them. Even the United Nations itself is regularly sharing factually-wrong information. And yes, you read that right.

It should be obvious to go about gender studies as precisely as we go about other sciences. We can’t…

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In high school sex-ed class, I learned the dangers of love-making.

You can get HIV, other STDs, and a child. You can get raped, traumatized, and humiliated.

Countless schools in conservative regions have an outdated approach to sexuality. Teachers talk about sex as it would be the inevitable evil of…

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Climate change per se can’t discriminate by gender.

Yet, based on an analysis of 130 peer-reviewed studies, women are significantly more affected. They are more likely to die than men as a direct consequence of global warming. Those lucky enough to survive, suffer disproportionally more than men.

The reasons why…

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Women are still behind in business compared to men because they are holding themselves back.

In the western world, we have the power to negotiate for a raise, speak our minds, and communicate assertively. We have the opportunity to be equivalent players.

Yet, most of us still struggle.

When it…

Eszter Brhlik

I burn for Sustainability, Sex-education, and Feminism. Keep in touch:

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