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The mere idea of financial freedom can pump enough excitement in anyone’s brain to make it overheat.

All logic seems to evaporate leaving us with no protection against unrealistic promises. Maybe that’s why the story of the American dream has always been the ultimate best seller.

What do we crave…

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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower,” said Alber Camus, and I can’t agree more with him.

During the season everything is colorful, and nature seems to celebrate life for a little longer before the coming winter overwhelms us with cold and quietness.

Why not dance…

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My student wrote long essays colored with professional vocabulary for her university classes. Still, I got lost in her word labyrinths every time I corrected her assignments. It was extremely hard to understand what she meant. That was her mistake. She wrote unrelated points after points, packed in complicated and…

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Do you ever think about how important sustainability is but can’t implement actionable steps into your everyday life?

If you feel like green habits are difficult, time-consuming, and have no impact, it’s likely because you’re doing the wrong things.

And the most dangerous mindset is to neglect sustainability because it’s…

Eszter Brhlik

Sustainability, Sex-education, Writing, Philosophy

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