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Mine showed all these red flags before he raped me.

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Even if it doesn’t seem like that, your behavior contributes to the bigger picture.

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If we took the teachings of The Bible literally, we’d kill many innocent people.

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BDSM as trauma play helps many to heal from abuse.

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What is a trauma play in the sexual context?

It will also be beneficial to your wealth, health, and well-being.

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Out of 4175 Americans, 10 fantasize about being eaten by a large creature.

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A guide to women about beating self-doubt regarding body hair, sexual fantasies, makeup, smell, and body shape.

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The brief history of cannibalism and the reason why we evolved differently.

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The Brief History of Cannibalism

And here is what you can do against it.

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Eszter Brhlik

My passion is to create & teach. Writing | Society | Sex education. Let’s talk:

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