23 Defining Lessons I Experienced in 2023

They might also help you rethink your life.

Eszter Brhlik


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2023 has been the most turbulent period of my life so far.

Though it has been chaotic, I attempt to organize the learnings I deem the most relevant and the least cliché.

As many people go through similar difficulties and experience comparable emotions, I’m a strong believer that by sharing and constructively talking about our issues and learnings, we can help each other.

I hope you find here something you can relate to and grow from.

1. No one really knows anything

The deeper I dig and the more I talk to people — highly intelligent people — the stronger I realize that we don’t know anything.

Our world has become so complex that even people who are experts in their field tell me the more they learn, the clearer they see how much they don’t know yet. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re people who’re experts in natural sciences or theology.

At times, this realization is scary. Mostly, it’s liberating.

2. Soulmates do exist

And yet, it doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together with them.